Welcome to my humble website. I hope you enjoy your stay and that you will visit again soon.

We were having a day out in the city of York, England, when we came upon "Red Cow Music" (WWW.REDCOWMUSIC.CO.UK) ,a music shop we hadn't seen before, so we went in to look at all the wonderful musical instruments inside. We were looking at the Irish whistles when Steve Morrison, (one of the proprietors), came up and asked if we needed any help. At that moment my friend pointed at me and blurted out "oh he makes these too you know!" I had indeed made some whistles as gifts for my friends and family. "Well" said Steve, "would you be interested in trying a couple on our shelves, see what happens?"

So to cut a long story short that is exactly what we did, a few weeks later we were in York again, this time with a few whistles which went onto Steves shelves.

Well we had hardly got out the shop when my phone rang. It was Steve wishing to congratulate me, he had just sold two of my whistles..... wow that was quick.

Anyway, since then my whistles have been showing steady interest and have had several favourable reviews, with orders coming from various places around the world.

I can thoroughly recommend you have a trip to "Red Cow Music" if only to see all the wonderful musical instruments they have there....and of course maybe even buy  a whistle too :)

Types of Whistles I make.

The most popular Whistles I make are "Low" & "High" D, "Low" G and C, I have also made unusual tunings such as A, E and "High" G, but I am confident to try any tuning that is required.

My Whistles are made of plastic with a wooden fipple. I have tried using metal but found plastic easier to work with...with no difference in sound quality and of-course plastic is lighter and easier to carry.

The time spent in producing each whistle is actually several hours over several days,each one being individualy hand crafted, focusing particular attention on producing the clearest tone, and then electronically tuned for accuracy.


Prices are presently as follows: "High"D = £20,  C = £30, "Low"G = £35, "Low"D = £40 (subject to update, always check). Shipping is around £5:00 depending on size and distance...will let you know this cost on enquiry.

Health Issues.

I believe that the materials I use in the construction of my whistles to be inert and safe with regards to health and safety, but I am not a chemist or a scientist. So a recommended read for example would be "PVC Health issues" at http://www.ggwhistles.com/ (Guido Gonzatos wonderful website), see the Wikipedia page on PVC, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PVC). Any paint or polyurethane varnish used is said by the manufacturer to conform to BS EN 71 Part 3. Beeswax maybe present on the mouthpiece also.Ultimately, use and safety of these instruments with regards to health and safety is entirely at buyers discretion..... but I've been using one for years without ill effects.

(Whistle sound samples)

If anyone would like to buy a whistle please contact me (email or phone) with your requirments. I carry a small stock but if your choice is not in stock I will make it for you as soon as possible (usually no longer than 10 days wait). I offer a 14 day money-back guarantee (whistle price only).The usual payment method is PayPal or cheque.

Contact : E-mail : mail@redheadwhistles.com  Mobile : 07981318330