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RED COW MUSIC Customers... Jenny 06/02/2012 I've just bought a second one of your flutes, as I was really impressed by the quality and sound of your Low D whistle. The High D proved to be just as good. I love how resonant and beautiful-sounding your whistles are without it sounding piercing, and I've always preferred the sound of more bone-like whistles to tin ones. They're comfortable to hold, light, and of course the white finish makes it stand out, which I like, rather than it looking like some rubbish tin whistle you get at school. It's also a very comforting thing that these are hand-made and unique instruments. As soon as I walked out of Red Cow I realised I should have bought a C one as well... keep making whistles and at this rate I'll have your whole collection in a matter of months!

Helen R on 10/01/2014
I bought one of John Redhead's low D whistles from Red Cow Music just before Christmas. the shop was great, with an excellent choice and very helpful staff (owner?). I also bought a couple of music books and have been working through them (there's an excellent range of music). The whistle is a joy to play and has an amazingly mellow sound - don't be put off by the fact that its pvc. I play the flute, and am trying to progress on to the Irish Flute - not an easy transition. The whistle - in great contrast, is wonderfully easy to play. You can get a really full sound from it, and the fact that its larger than the tin whistles that I'm used to, means that the fingering is easier, and the sound from the upper register is so much nicer, and more controllable. I'd definitely recommend these whistles.

Henry Webster on 11/02/2014   2 reviews

Fantastic piece of kit.Highly recommended.

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V Good whistle. Easy finger stretch, sounds good, reasonable air need. Happy 8) Buyer: Member ID davetheflute 12-Oct-13 12:03

Beautiful Whistle, would buy again A+++++ Buyer: Member ID thehorseltd 12-Jun-13 21:05

seems good to me lowest price for a low d whistle I could find sounds right Buyer: Member ID brian357011 11-Jun-13 21:17

Recieved promptly and as described. Thank-you. Buyer: Member ID john442 13-Nov-13 18:47 

Quick dispatch and a beautiful mellow tone. Highly recommended. Buyer: Member ID jandp.2009 03-Dec-13  17:39

Other sales:

Ronnie Muirhead;
Hi John,
Thanks for the Low G whistle.
I find it really easy to play and I am really impressed with the tone and finish of the instrument. It is really good value for money.
I really appreciate the good advice you gave me via emails.
Thanks again.

..... also from Ronnie (for a high D plus extra low C# hole)

I received the whistle promptly and was able to play at a Burns night supper in the evening. This is now my 5th whistle and it has the quality and playability of the others.Its great as a standard hi D with advantage of the extra c sharp hole which is nicely offset. Most of the time you forget it is there but it is useful for the occasional tune that needs the extra hole below.

My fellow whistlers were impressed!

Thanks again



I'm enjoying playing the whistles. They're so easy to play and your fingering chart is really helpful. I'd be happy for you to put something on your website to this effect.
Your whistles have a lovely, sweet tone, good tuning and are eminently playable. Great hole placing on the Low D whistle makes it easy to finger, even with my smallish hands, which is a real advantage! Thanks for my ever growing collection and your super workmanship.
Re, Low D whistle .. It has a lovely soft voice, with a lovely tone.
Re, High D whistle ..As you know, I bought your high D on a whim. I am so glad I did. The only whistle I own which is comparable (maybe) is the Dixon trad, high D, in nickle. I bought mine a few years back, for £18. It is tunable, which I did once and never touched it again. The mouthpiece will give a strange, un-nerving movement, rarely. That aside I played it for years before I needed something louder, for down the pub. Your whistle is a delight. Quick and responsive. Louder than the Dixon with a much nicer voice and less of a drop in volume between the octaves. I would happily recommend it for beginners and the more experienced players. The only thing I can think of as a negative is that I, have, on occasion gone for the high B and got that horrid in between octave 'blarrrrgh'. Now this could be me, or the whistle or a bit of both but like we know each and every whistle has it's own little idiosyncrasies and this is probably just a case of getting to know your whistle and remembering to give it a bit more blow when jumping straight up there from a 'd' and trying to tongue a triple high b. Not much wrong with your whistle, as far as I am concerned if that is the worst I can think of and that is more my problem than the whistles; I should think. The only piece where I sometimes don't puff hard enough is in the B section of The Railway (attached). I've not really noticed it anywhere else.
I am pretty sure it is going to become my fave whistle, if it's not already.
(Simon wanted a "Kaval" which was essentially a Low G whistle with a modified mouth-piece)
Hi John,
The instrument arrived today in fine condition. I am speechless! It's actually better than I expected.
I mean for a start, playing even as a standard whistle it sounds soooo mellow. There is no mainstream Low G on the market that even compares.
In regards to playing as Jeppsian Kaval, once more it is fabulous. The cap does not in any significant way reduce the quality of Kaval embouchure effect. Granted a flush mouth piece would be ideal and the resonance from a wooden boar would be optimum, but for a PVC alternative, there is no better choice than yours!
I mean, who wants to pay a hundred pounds for a professional wood version that could crack anyway? Wood can be somewhat unreliable if not cared for 24 hours a day.
I will definitely make a YouTube video for this and include a link back to you with information, for people who may want a Redhead Jeppsian Kaval themselves.
You have made a somewhat perfect combination. The wider boar, larger holes and most importantly wooden fipple head create a fantastic sound. 
I might have it decorated by someone good with a brush and knows their paints.
Best wishes to you! I will be in touch again.

Many Thanks & Best Regards
> The whistle arrived safely today.  It looks and sounds great.  Thanks for
> making it for me.
> Greg
> Michigan


A little message for the customer page on your website,
"from Fran von France
I got the A, G and F alto whistles this morning, and i've been playing and playing since then...Actually it's more than 1 am and I'm still playing they are wonderful. Thank you
Je conseille ces merveilleuses flutes (La, Sol, Fa graves) elles ont un son doux et ample en même temps et elles sont superbes ...Je ne peux m'arrêter de jouer
Ich habe den A, G und F Alto Whistleflöte Heutemorgen bekommen. Ich habe ganzen Tag ist jetzt 01:20 Uhr morgens, ich bin noch am spielen...Die sind einfach fantastisch Danke"

every word is true




I have posed questions on various forums like; "What do you want from a whistle?" to try and improve my efforts and see if I could give people what they are looking for.These are some of the ideas they put forward :-

Nicholas said... It has to be in tune with a clear tone and reasonably priced ...the material is unimportant.

Kinga said ... Volume,over the two octaves, is important

Chris said ... I prefer brass if possible, but , material doesn't matter if it sounds and plays in the way I like.

Mix said ... a curved windway is good as it is less likely to become blocked.... should have a constant volume across its range....could have a flat part on the whistle to prevent it rolling off the pub table 

Stan said ....I played one of your whistles in a shop ....It was horrible !!

Too many comments to write down here at mo... some people wanted a tuneable whistle ... mine aren't .Then there's the fipple material debate.

Over all I think I have learnt that it is purely a personal or subjective thing when it comes to whistle features ...what someone likes someone else may not ... but for me it is mainly about the sound/tone and playability, hole size/positions etc  .....will keep trying to improve.

Cheers ...happy whistling .. John